Reverse Harem Adventure-23

You decide on the red wine. Tucking the bottle under your arm you place your left hand to the walls and begin to follow the edge of the labyrinth. Chittering calls from just below where your fingers touch, as if a creature is following you from inside the rock itself.

Holding your breath, you emerge into a crossroads. Left or right. Glancing to the right, you see more of the same foggy brick barely visible by the light gleaming through the grout between the rocks. You turn to the left, and a dark shadow looms before you.

Your mouth dries to kindling and you struggle to swallow. Tendrils drift from the blackness standing in the middle of the hall. You fight against your legs, finding your feet locked in place. Your eyes open wider, terror sweeping through you as you stare deep into the void.

A single, bloody eye opens. The pupil sweeps around until landing on you, where it narrows to a pinprick.

The scream slips from you and you wrench yourself away from the monster. With all the strength in your body, you turn and run down the right hall. Cold seeps up your feet, your breath spurting out in steam. All the while, a horrific roar of agony rattles through the cellar.

You reach up to try and block the sound, when your foot kicks into a stone stair. Without a second’s pause, you dash up it, your knees falling to the steps, your hand clinging white knuckled to the railing. The chill evaporates, leaving you sweating in panic. Drifting on the wind, you hear a single voice scream in the distance, “Mon-tres-or!”

Not about to turn around and face the creature, you burst through the stairs and keep running. The hall is a blur, wooden walls and floors, ancient wallpaper. All you can make out is the color of death siphoning around you. Spinning in place, you spot the manor’s front door.

It’d take nothing for you to run out of it. But what about your car? You still need to find someone to get you a tow truck. Though, after the shit you’ve seen, do you really want to risk it?

Brought to you by Ink, A steamy new Reverse Harem series with a devilishly charismatic incubus.