Reverse Harem Adventure-31

Terrified, you kick open a scrawny door hidden inside a recessed alcove and find yourself in a darkened maze of catacombs. Light flickers from sconces on the wall, projecting shadows of spiders skittering through their webs, and bats circling about the night’s sky. The dance of the fire perched upon the wick gives life to the iron guards circling the sconces. To your eye, the spiders climb across the walls and up to the ceiling. The bats circle among the bricks, never coming to rest.

A single light flickers from above you, revealing a press of stone walls twisting around the room and vanishing into the darkness.

“Where am I?” you whisper to thin air. The fear of being turned around and never emerging rises in your mind.

A growl rumbles under your feet, causing you to stumble back. The jingle of glass forms around you and you reach into the honeycomb shaped holes to find…a bottle? It’s hard to make out in the dark light, but you’d guess it’s a red wine. And there across the way is a bottle of white.

You stare at the two bottles coated in dust from centuries on the shelves. After the night you’ve had you could certainly use a drink or two.

Which wine do you pick?

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