Reverse Harem Adventure-32

“I’m not an idiot, and I’m not dying tonight!” you shout to the specters haunting your steps. Without a second’s pause you run for the front door.

To your surprise, it opens easily, creaking into the darkness of the full weight of midnight. Even the stars are missing, only the moon speckled in clouds lighting the path before you. As you glance down it, the ground begins to tremble. Dead leaves shift and shudder until dirt erupts upward in a macabre fountain.

Skeletal hands pierce through the ground, their bones snatching randomly at the air. With a scream that could turn your hair white, you run down the porch steps. Fingers try to nip at your shoes and jeans. One unknots your laces, but you don’t stop.

Refusing to look back, you feel a hand caress your cheek, but you keep running. A howl shatters the forest, shaking more dead leaves from the street, and still you keep going. One last skeleton hand punctures through the dirt and lashes for you. It hooks its boney fingers into the back of your shoe and refuses to let go.

You kick back, trying to shatter the wrist, but whatever demon or magic has raised the dead also gives it strength. Without a second’s pause, you abandon your shoe and run out of the forest. You feared you’d find nothing, or worse stumble back upon the old manor, but your car remains sitting at the side of the road.

Leaping into it, your socked foot pressing to the brake, you try to fish out your keys even with your hands shaking. A massive green light breaks from the manor cutting across the whole of the forest. An entire flock of ravens bursts into the air, their caws scratching against your every breath.

Jamming the key into the ignition, you say a prayer. To your shock, the car turns over without a single complaint. Keeping one eye on the forest erupting in poisonous light, you put your car into drive and peel the hell out of there.

Your heart doesn’t stop throbbing until you’re safe at home. Limping to your couch, you fall down and realize how close you came to death. At least you got out with a bottle of wine.

Popping the cork, you settle down for a long, drunken Halloween night.


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I made it out of the haunted mansion with free wine in Ellen Mint’s Choose Your Own Reverse Harem Halloween Adventure. How far can you get?

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