Reverse Harem Adventure-34

“Okay,” you say, hardly believing your own words.

“Does that mean yes?” Dominic cries in surprise.

“Yeah,” you start to laugh, “Yes. I want to become a werewolf. Oh god, I said it out loud. I want to become a werewolf. I really do.” That sleeping all day part really clenches the deal.

Staring at your hands about to become claws, you turn to Dominic. “What do I do?”

He brushes aside your hair, revealing your naked neck. “All I’ve got to do is pierce your skin with this…” Dominic points to his silver fang, “and you’ll become a wolf like me.”

Squaring on his haunches, Dominic opens his jaws and positions them above your throat. The top incisors scrape your skin, causing goosebumps to erupt. He dots the tip of his tongue against your throat and pulls back.

“Will it hurt?” you ask, flinching hard.

“My bite? Not at all,” Dominic responds and he punctures his silver fang into your skin. The pinch radiates up, but as Dominic cups around the wound, the pain fades away to nothing.

You tug on your hair and spin around, trying to see the wound. “That didn’t hurt…” you begin, when your entire body hurls itself back to the floor. Your bones crack, the unholy sound shattering you to the marrow. Your mouth itches as teeth sprout from elongating gums. Your body twisting into a knot, your head tipped back, you stare up at the man grinning wide while watching you convalescing in horror.

The last thing you see is Dominic picking up the fallen book before a red haze consumes your mind.

You wake to the call of crows perched on the branches above your head. It’s as if the strongest liquor flees from your body but without leaving the migraine behind. The dead leaf forest floor offers a terrible sleep, sticks and burrs prodding into your skin. You reach to cup your head and find your arm is stripped naked. In a start, you pat your hands down your body. All of you is naked.

In a start, you spin around, growing aware of the November chill racing across the ground. But none of it reaches you, your body an inferno as if you’re wearing an invisible fur coat.

“Careful,” a voice calls from behind, and a hand catches your naked shoulder. Bright green eyes fall into yours. “First time’s always the wildest. You ran for miles, I could barely keep up. How do you feel?” Dominic asks. His hand draws down your shoulder, curling around your naked chest he’s free to enjoy.

You pull in a breath and find your lungs aching as if you’d finished a marathon. But energy flows through you, more than you’ve known in years. Clasping a hand to Dominic’s shoulders, you shout, “Wonderful!”

The crows scatter to the air, cawing at your jubilation. But you don’t care. Your body’s never felt more alive. You turn your head, tracing the sounds of mice scrabbling under leaves. The flush of heat radiates from the sun above even through the clouds. And your nose…

You take a deeper breath, your mind flaring in crimson heat from the intoxicating scent of arousal radiating from Dominic. Spinning on your knees, you gaze up at the man who’s so much more than your human self ever realized.

He draws a hand through his hair and smiles wide. “If you want, there’s breakfast waiting back at…”

Leaping off your hind legs, you pin Dominic to the ground. Widening your thighs, you place yourself directly over the pulse of heat rising from his cock. “What I want,” you growl, dragging your new fangs over his throat, “is you.”

By the cool autumn morn, you and your mate form an unbreakable bond. The rest of your days are spent fucking on every piece of furniture in the mansion, snuggling on his chest for naps, and racing through the exhilarating forest knowing only happiness.


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