Reverse Harem Adventure-37

Not about to take the advice of a vampire, you spin on a dime and run. A crack bursts from the ground and pain shoots up your foot. You stare down at a jawbone that’d been lying on the floor. Now it’s in several pieces, the sharpest of which has pierced your shoe and embedded in your foot.

A cry of pain rises from your throat but you feel it constricting. Your hearing dampens and vision darkens as you fall back to the floor. Before the darkness overtakes you, you watch Orpheus drift above you. He sighs and shakes his head. Holding the shattered jawbone, the vampire says, “You’ve done it now.”

You open your mouth to tell him to get away, but only a howl rips free. Before you can flip around, pain sunders your body and you lose yourself to darkness.

You wake to the call of crows perched on the branches above your head. It’s as if the strongest liquor flees from your body but without leaving the migraine behind. The crackling forest floor offers up a terrible sleep, sticks prodding into your fur. You reach to cup your head and find your arm cannot touch it. Instead, your head leans down, your back leg swiping over it with your claws.

In a start, you spin around, chasing the tail prodding off your backside. As you do so, you find a wolf stepping closer to you. Its black fur shivers in the breeze and you freeze in place. The thing is massive, setting off every alarm bell in your body.

This noise in your brain tells you to fall to the ground and hold your feet up. To go completely submissive. But it’s warring with the part of you that remains, the part in denial that you’ve turned into a wolf.

A massive black paw strikes the ground, claws scraping over the leaves. The giant wolf growls, his lips rippling, as he walks closer. You hold your breath, terrified of what those fangs can do. Closing your eyes tight, you wait for the inevitable.

A shadow passes before you, fur brushing over yours, when a warm breeze sucks against your exposed ass. You open your eyes and turn to find the wolf nose deep up your butt. As it sniffs your ass, its tongue falls out, the tail wagging from what it found.

And thus begins your new life as a wolf forever trapped in the forests around Waining Manor.


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That didn’t go so well. I’ll try another run through of Ellen Mint’s Choose Your Own Reverse Harem Halloween Adventure. How far can you get?

Brought to you by Ink, A steamy new Reverse Harem series with a devilishly charismatic incubus.