Reverse Harem Adventure-40

Reaching with your right hand, you clasp around the first thing you find—a stick. It’s at best an inch in circumference, but it’s all you have.

Twisting it back like a batter at plate, you eye down the werewolf standing before you.

Its snarling lips fall, hiding away the fangs. With a curious look, it cocks its head to the side and the tail begins to swish.

You let out a breath through your teeth, waiting for it to leap off its claws and rip you to shreds. But it’s still standing there, watching with curiosity.

“This is a…a stick,” you say and hold your only weapon before it.

The wolf’s tail twitches faster.

“Do you want the stick?” you ask, shaking the stick back and forth in your hands.

The wolf drops to all fours and raises its butt in the air. Its tail flails wildly in excitement as it shimmies its shoulders.

“Do you want the stick? Huh boy? Stick stick stick!” you shout. Twisting your arm, you hurl the stick as far as possible. The werewolf spins in the mud, his body vanishing into the thicket.

This is your opportunity to run. You pull in a breath, prepared to rush back to your car, when the forest parts. A stick coated in drool drops to the ground. The happy tail wags and the werewolf sits on its haunches watching you.

“You…you want me to throw it again?” you ask slowly, picking up the stick.

The werewolf leaps to its legs and digs into the mud.

“Okay,” you say, once again tossing the stick back into the woods.

And so you spend the rest of Halloween night playing fetch with a werewolf.


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