Reverse Harem Adventure–46

Terrified beyond all belief, you turn to run not for the door but into the graveyard. Skeletons dodge out of your way, skulls swiveling to watch you go. Fear’s gripped your chest, making it hard to breathe, when warm arms scoop around you.

You rise off the ground, kicking your feet, only to feel the comforting graze of a werewolf’s hair against your cheek. “This is fun,” Dominic says. He’s got you safe in his arms while dashing between the dead who’ve all paused in their attack to watch. “Where do we go next?” he asks.

Light gushes from ahead, orange flames rising from a door opening on its own out of the mausoleum. You raise a hand to your face, trying to shield your eyes. Blue light bursts over the orange, riding atop the flames rimmed by the white marble of the dead.

It seems as best a place as any. With a tremble in your body, you point to the mausoleum. Dominic laughs and runs the both of you over the rising dead and into the long-abandoned sepulcher.

Werewolf feet plunder up the stairs scattering a multitude of dust untouched for years. The unholy hellfire that filled the doorway gives way to a pair of braziers dangling off chains. Twin angels sobbing in grief hoist them above a coffin below their heavenly despair.

You feel a laugh of surprise rising in your lungs, when Dominic nuzzles his head against your neck. Holding onto his thick hair, you let the giggle free as he kisses his way down your skin. The hands that’d been holding you up once again let your return to the ground. But they don’t leave you for long.

While Dominic laps his tongue up your neck and down the crease of your shoulder, his hands are free to caress all of you. Parting down your waist, they worry your thighs, straining your legs further apart. You feel yourself sinking, the werewolf following.

Your knee strikes the ground and you feel yourself toppling. Dominic wraps a hand to your belly, keeping you from face planting, then he trails his palm up your chest. The nuzzling turns into love bites, his silver fang pressing deeper into your flesh. It sets off a groan of bliss and you lean back into his unclothed cock.

Your foot kicked into a vase, shattering the moment. Focusing around you away from the hot werewolf, you find desiccated flowers dried to antique vases rim the coffin on display. Gold and jewels are inlaid into the polished wood of the dead’s final resting place. Sapphires and emeralds glint from the angels’ fires, casting blues and greens into the air. But one has fallen to the floor. An emerald the size of your thumb lays beside a pile of leaves.

You shuffle for it, only to kick aside a moth-eaten handkerchief fallen from a long-dead mourner. As it tumbles to the side, a rictus of death grins at you. In terror, you turn to the coffin to find the lid pulled open. Bones rest inside the jeweled box, but its skull is missing. Did it fall out or had someone…removed it?

Bending down, you move to pick up the handkerchief but Dominic beats you to it. He wafts it before his nose and his eyes turn red. With a snarl, he drops it into the fire behind, the brazier’s flame turning an unholy green.

Unable to look at the sickly fire, your eyes return to the skull. Even in death, its smile is perfect, the teeth straight and whiter than snow. The eye sockets are wide and tall, as if the eyes once in them enjoyed seeing all around. You could reach for the skull and place it back where you found it.

But there is the emerald ripped from the coffin. At that size it could buy you a new car. After the night you’ve had, you rather deserve it.

Which do you pick up?

Brought to you by Ink, A steamy new Reverse Harem series with a devilishly charismatic incubus.