Reverse Harem Adventure-47

“I’m sorry,” you whisper, your eyes closed tight, “I can’t.”

The hand holding you fades away and you risk a peek. Dominic’s head hangs low, his gaze burning into the fire. “Okay,” he says after a time, before whipping his head to you. “But we can still have fun?”

You laugh at his enthusiasm and accepting your decision. “Of course,” you say and reach for the body that’d been tempting you since the forest. Cupping your lips over his, you reach between his thighs. A sprig of latin slips from Dominic as you draw a single finger from the base of his cock up. You trail the vein that’s got you clenching your toes while he starts to nuzzle his head against your throat.

It tips your chin back, and when you reach the crown of his cock, Dominic surges forward. His hands caress down your shirt, trying to pry it free while his eager lips suck on your neck. You fold your hands around, reaching to cup his balls, when a wind bursts down the chimney.

It strikes the fire, obliterating the warmth and leaving you shivering in Dominic’s arms. The lights blink out, only a soft haze drifting under the door. Until, like the beating of a heart, a pulsing green light begins to rise from the ashen logs.

“No,” Dominic cries, spinning to face the fire.

Tendrils snap from behind you, locking to your arms and legs. You try to fight it, but a poison pumps into you, setting your nerves on fire. A scream wraps around your lips, your entire face knotting in pain, just as your body solidifies.

Unable to move, you’re yanked into the air and spun around. The last thing you see are a pair of purple eyes and a low cackle echoing around the room.

After that, all you know is darkness.


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That didn’t go so well. I’ll try another run through of Ellen Mint’s Choose Your Own Reverse Harem Halloween Adventure. How far can you get?

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