Reverse Harem Adventure-6

“I don’t want to take a bath,” you say in your strongest voice.

The smile on Claremont’s lips flickers, but he parts his hands and bows. “As you so wish. But if I may, my Lady, there is warmer clothing hiding itself deeper inside the manor. I believe I shall go and fetch it. The last thing I wish is for you to catch your death.”

You nod in gratitude at his understanding and leave the ghost to float away out the door he doesn’t bother opening. Secure in your decision to avoid a bath, you turn away from the Victorian tub to the fireplace. Flames of red and orange compete inside, drawing you to rub your hands over their crackle.

The heat rushes over your face and up your arms, but it leaves your backside in the cold. Maybe a bath wasn’t such a foolish idea after all. And maybe the ghost didn’t do it simply to see you naked.

He one hundred percent only wanted to see you naked. You shake your head, laughing at his persistence which would probably pay off, and drift your eyes over the fireplace. Above the mantle is a massive portrait, but the painting’s been sliced from its frame.

The canvas droops from where it was cut, the only visible edge revealing a green meadow. Curious, you begin to pick the fallen tatters up, the oil painting heavy in your hand. Struggling on your toes, you struggle to align the ripped painting back to its corner and stare into striking green eyes. Black hair spools off the handsome man’s head. His shirt is missing, revealing a naked chest painted so perfectly every muscle causes your thighs to clench.

Who is this handsome stranger?

Leaning closer, you’re lost in his succulent lips and wild eyes, when a sound of footsteps rises from the hall.

“Claremont?” you call. “Do you know who is in this painting?”

It isn’t until the doorknob turns, that you remember the ghost does not leave steps. Terrified, you spin, and a beast rips through the door. Fangs part, releasing a howl that shakes the painting off the wall. As it falls at the creature’s feet, it snarls and launches for you.

In a panic, you turn and leap out of the only available exit, the window. The night flutters past you, darkness and blue entwining together until you wake in the cemetery. Sitting up, you stare at the manor where the lights of the fireplace blaze from the window. There, dangling upon a fence post with a fleur-de-lis pierced through the heart, rests your body.

You spend the rest of your life in the graveyard with the other spirits of the manor.


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That didn’t go so well. I’ll try another run through of Ellen Mint’s Choose Your Own Reverse Harem Halloween Adventure. How far can you get?

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