Reverse Harem Adventure-7

Shivering from the werewolf’s unearthly glare, you wrap your hands around the first thing you can think of, the necklace you found. You shut your eyes tight and thrust it out. Silver stops werewolves, right? Maybe this will send it away.

Only the sound of wind whistling through rocks cuts the night air. Your body snaps rigid when a warm breath caresses your knuckles. Oh god, what’s it doing? A snort bursts over your hand and you realize the beast is sniffing you. Uncertain what to do, you open your palm and reveal the found fang to the creature.

A single sharp claw draws over your palm with a surprising gentleness. It catches the chain and takes it from your hand.

Curious, you open your eyes to find the werewolf holding the found fang high in the air. Its mouth opens, and a glint of moonlight reveals a gap in his teeth.

Slowly, the hulking, ten-foot-tall beast melts. Its fur vanishes to skin whiter than moonlight. The deadly teeth and elongated nose push back into a face with dangerously pouty lips, shocking green eyes, and a square jawline. A human hand runs back over the thick, untamed black hair left on his head.

“You found it,” he says, tugging the fang off the chain. “I’ve been looking everywhere for this.” With a deft hand, he puts the lost tooth in the gap and smiles. It’s no longer a fang, but a human canine and the longer you stare, the weaker your legs feel.

The man is completely naked, and has no shame to hide whatsoever. His chest could rival a certain thunder god’s, and the biceps bulge even as he stands still. Speaking of bulges… You cannot help but dart your eyes over his rectangular hips to his resting cock. Meaty pops into your head, the kind of thick salami you want to wrap your lips over. There’s more than enough space for you to fit both your hands while you suck on that reddish crown.

The cock in question twitches at your attention. In shock, you jerk back, forgetting there’s a chasm of death behind. Your heart panics, your feet slipping into an unending nothing, when warm hands wrap around your back. Before you know it, you’re in his arms, the green eyes beaming into yours. He holds you effortlessly, lifting you from the muddy, unforgiving ground, into his embrace.

“I am Dominic,” he says.

The pulse of his lips enthralls you. How they wrap around every syllable in his name, his unbreakable accent shivering through you.

“I owe you everything for returning my lost fang to me. Without it, I am unable to transform back. It was getting rather annoying being unable to open doors or get things off top shelves.”

Numb, you nod your head as if that was your intention all along. Dominic breathes in deep, shifting the hair that’s fallen to your breast. A smile sweeps across him highlighting the glinting silver fang. And against your ass, you feel his cock rising to caress you.

Your brain sputters the first thought it can. “My car died.”

“That sounds painful,” the werewolf says, his eyes languidly trailing across your body.
“Maybe we can find a plaster in the manor. Please, let me carry you to it. Such pretty legs shouldn’t have to work so hard through the mud.”

You’re too terrified you’ll giggle, so you nod and wrap your arms around Dominic’s neck. With your head nestled against his spray of black chest hair, the werewolf carries you over the river and back to the archway.

Except, the wall that had blocked off the entrance is vanished. A doorway stands where none had been, leaving you staring in concern at both ways.

“Which shall we take?” Dominic asks, gesturing to both the archway path you ignored before and the new doorway directly to the manor.

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