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New Year’s End & A Free Novella

2022 is on its way out and what better way to celebrate than with a look back and a gift for sticking with me. Madeline's Park I started the year in May with Madeline's Park. This book has been baking since 2019. I wrote it before Rash & Rationality. Before Ink. At one point Madeline… Continue reading New Year’s End & A Free Novella

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Hotties for Halloween 2.0

It's Halloween so I'm bringing back the sexy male costumes and updating them with my new guys. Celebrate by picking a book based on the sexy costumes the heroes would wear. Technically, Ink is not a demon, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the wings, fire eyes, and tiny crimson trunks. The straps are… Continue reading Hotties for Halloween 2.0

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Steamy Saturday —Vammpire

BE WARNED! This excerpt contains HUGE spoilers for Fangscreen. Do not read ahead if you haven't read Fangscreen and still want to be surprised. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MM🌶️ Butt Stuff🌶️ Neck Biting🌶️ Vampire Teasing Every color sharpened until the world pulsed with an energy running the length of my body. The taste of strength and clarity… Continue reading Steamy Saturday —Vammpire

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Six Sentence Sunday — Fangscreen

This week's excerpt is from my Vampire Beach Romcom, Fangscreen. “I cannot exist in sunlight without suffering painful consequences.”“I like night swims too.” “My touch is cold as the grave.”Laiken took my hand and placed it on his chest. Oh lord, the heat of his body and how my fingers fell to trace across his heaving… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Fangscreen