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Six Sentence Sunday — Submit

Today's excerpt is from my free short story, Submit. Becks has to fight against Archer stone in order to win him. “Give it up, Becks. This isn’t…” Archer says, the beast breaking a moment. “It’s not worth it.”“Ha.” Shaking my head, I work my feet under me and stand tall. The cool wind strikes my… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Submit

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Steamy Saturday — Fang Fun

This steamy Saturday comes from my FREE PNR story where a werewolf has to take care of her sick vampire boyfriend. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MF🌶️ Vampire MMC🌶️ Werewolf FMC🌶️ Dominant Fem “You have no power over me, night stalker,” I declared, keeping my gaze level. But my body betrayed my words, my hips swaying in ecstasy… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — Fang Fun

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Six Sentence Sunday — Birthday Frosting

To celebrate my upcoming birthday, it's from my free, steamy short story Birthday Frosting. Moaning, I began to grind my ass back and forth over his hips. The apron helped aid me, Antony’s tender bites punctuated by his groans as I worked him over. One hand swept across my belly, fingers wiggling through the edge… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Birthday Frosting

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Six Sentence Sunday — Valentine Rose

Today it's from my short story, Valentine Rose. A continuation of PSL, this story finds Scott and Jenny adjusting to life in the human world. She has a huge surprise for him on their first Valentine's Day together. Walking through the front door of the cabin, I began to unwind the scarf off my neck,… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Valentine Rose

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Six Sentence Sunday — Anarchy

Today are six sentences from my short story, Anarchy. You can read the entire thing for free on my blog. “I didn’t realize we were on such intimate terms, Interceptor.”“That isn’t what I… Ugh! How has no one shot you yet?”He curled his thumb and forefinger over his chin, emphasizing the forbidden beard. With the… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Anarchy