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Steamy Saturday — Feral Bed

In this excerpt, Michael's been saved by a puma-shifter from a wild hog attack. Lev carries Michael to his bed. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MM🌶️ Booty Toys🌶️ Shifter Sex Legs astride Lev’s waist, Michael gave in to his primal urges. Even as his skin prickled at the nearness of a predator’s hot breath wafting down his throat,… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — Feral Bed

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Hotties for Halloween 2.0

It's Halloween so I'm bringing back the sexy male costumes and updating them with my new guys. Celebrate by picking a book based on the sexy costumes the heroes would wear. Technically, Ink is not a demon, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the wings, fire eyes, and tiny crimson trunks. The straps are… Continue reading Hotties for Halloween 2.0

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Steamy Saturday — MM Shifter

Michael's rescued by a hot cougar shifters who tends to his wounds in the bath. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MM🌶️ Tub Fun🌶️ Backdoor Play🌶️ Steamy Healing Slowly, Lev raised his fingers higher, drawing free more of the pain with each swipe. Which was when Michael realized he had his calf resting upon the stranger’s shoulder. The last… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — MM Shifter