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Your Incubus Is Waiting #MFRWHooks

In this excerpt, Layla wakes up at midnight on Halloween to find a strange, nearly naked man in her living room who says he's an incubus. “Let’s start again. Who are you?”His infectious smile wavered, drawing my attention to how hawk-like his features were without the raised cheeks of a grin. I clenched my toes,… Continue reading Your Incubus Is Waiting #MFRWHooks

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Ink Peek

Ink, the first book in a new RH PNR series, arrives this Halloween. Layla expects to have a boring birthday, when a nearly-naked man appears out of nowhere in her living room. Her Halloween plans have changed. Here's a little sneak peek just for you. “Look, this is all very…” Humiliating that my friends know… Continue reading Ink Peek