A Cabin, A Shower, All Steam #MFRWHooks

Pride & Pancakes When Beth Cho is tasked with interviewing elusive musician Tristan Harty, it’s hate at first sight. Despite his sapphire eyes and lithe frame, he’s got to be the most infuriating man on the planet. Tristan Harty is already sick of reporters and this one is proving no different. Sure, she might be… Continue reading A Cabin, A Shower, All Steam #MFRWHooks

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Your Incubus Is Waiting #MFRWHooks

In this excerpt, Layla wakes up at midnight on Halloween to find a strange, nearly naked man in her living room who says he's an incubus. “Let’s start again. Who are you?”His infectious smile wavered, drawing my attention to how hawk-like his features were without the raised cheeks of a grin. I clenched my toes,… Continue reading Your Incubus Is Waiting #MFRWHooks


Get Lucky with A Gorgeous Irishman #MFRWHooks

Jess is the unluckiest woman in the world. Nothing in her world every goes right. So, when a tree crashes through her bedroom window, she’s unsurprised until a drop-dead gorgeous Irishman sticks his head inside. In this steamy novella, Jess finds herself falling harder and harder for this man who her best friend swears is… Continue reading Get Lucky with A Gorgeous Irishman #MFRWHooks