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Discover with Sandra Carmel

Recalling the past is the only way to repair the future… For Sub Rosa personal assistant, Eden Freberg, kissing men is like making out with a mannequin—cold, lifeless, disconnected. That is, until she meets alluring geneticist Rick Hartman. From their first touch, they connect like long lost lovers, fitting together like missing pieces of a… Continue reading Discover with Sandra Carmel

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30-50 Feral Hogs Are In Your Kindle!

Sexy shifters, feral hog attacks, rambunctious M/M scenes, and a big twist wait inside! Buy Hog Wild Now Ten ruts appeared in the tall grass, the field bowing to the two-hundred-pound animals running straight at him. “No!” he shouted, spinning in place to keep going. His toe struck a divot sending Michael rolling out of… Continue reading 30-50 Feral Hogs Are In Your Kindle!