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Steamy Saturday — Cream & Caramel

Enjoy a hot moment between Jenny and Scott as they get their whipped cream and caramel everywhere. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MF🌶️ TEASING🌶️ CARAMEL DRENCHED BODIES🌶️ LAUGHTER “Hm,” he mused while tipping it back and forth under the overhead light. “I think it’s clogged.” Great. So I was doomed to an entire week with no whipped cream. Not… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — Cream & Caramel

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Hotties for Halloween 2.0

It's Halloween so I'm bringing back the sexy male costumes and updating them with my new guys. Celebrate by picking a book based on the sexy costumes the heroes would wear. Technically, Ink is not a demon, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the wings, fire eyes, and tiny crimson trunks. The straps are… Continue reading Hotties for Halloween 2.0

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Steamy Saturday — Autumn Fae

EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MF🌶️ Hot Fae Prince🌶️ Behind A Waterfall🌶️ Talented Tongue Gravity grabbed me, this time yanking my skirt up. The spider silks fluttered around my face, doing nothing to slow my fall. But Scott snatched me fast from a wet plunge. One hand wrapped around my back while the other…cuddled under my ass. My… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — Autumn Fae