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Historical Bundle Winners—Unwrap the Packs

Congratulations to the winners of the history bundles. Scroll down to see what books are inside and who the lucky winners are! The Maiden of the Storm by Michelle Deerwester-DalrympleThe Maid's Daughter by Brooklyn KnightOne Breath Away by Anna Taylor Sweringen Winner: Cherish K. Checkmating the Duke by Cassie O'BrienOne Week to Wed by Laurie… Continue reading Historical Bundle Winners—Unwrap the Packs

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Contemporary Bundle Winners—Unwrap The Bundles

Congratulations to the winners of the Contemporary romance bundles. Scroll down to see what books are inside and who is the lucky winner! Beyond the Edge by AE ListerWicked Disclosure by Angela AddamsFalling for the Tycoon by Aurora Russell Winner: Catherine O. Wicked Christmas by Angela AddamsThe Girls' Club by Cassie O'BrienNot So Broken by… Continue reading Contemporary Bundle Winners—Unwrap The Bundles

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Book Fair & Giveaway

AUTUMN KINDLE UNLIMITED BOOK FAIR NEW GIVEAWAYS DAILY September 25-28, 2019 Smiling happy girl lying down on autumn leaves in the park. Are you a member of Kindle Unlimited? Shop our book fair for a massive shelf’s worth of page-turning books to download for free in contemporary romance, paranormal romance, historical romance, mysteries and thrillers,… Continue reading Book Fair & Giveaway