Six Sentence Sunday — Fever

Today it's an excerpt from my military romance, Fever. “I would have brought, ya know, strawberries and cream if either of those had been an option. Proper picnic food.”Balancing the plate on her lap, she greedily dug into the promise of food, the fork cramming three bites of the meatloaf in before she said. “Strawberries?… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Fever


Six Sentence Sunday — Undercover Siren

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP Today, the excerpt comes from my spy romance Undercover Siren. “Now,” she smiled while covering the pot with its lid and turning the heat down low, “it needs time. About an hour to simmer.”“An hour?” Colton gasped, shaking his head at… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Undercover Siren

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Six Sentence Sunday — Love’s Curse

This week it's a sneak peek from my upcoming mummy romance, Love's Curse Brushing his finger from the lioness’ head down the human body, Tarek whispered, “Is she not also…” He raised his head, his gaze bearing down on Emma, “…the goddess of love?”Warm lips accepted, welcomed, and cherished hers. Neither took control, both moving… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Love’s Curse


Six Sentence Sunday — Gettin’ Lucky

Today it's from my FREE, steamy, Irishman paranormal romance Gettin' Lucky As if parting from the heavens, a hand enveloped my waist. Raw strength froze my descent, pinning me in place as I tripped into emerald eyes. “Evening, Lass,” Conall chuckled while holding me safely in half an embrace. He leaned closer, his nose nearly… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Gettin’ Lucky