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Steamy Saturday — Wolf Punishment

In this excerpt from my Mother's Day-themed book, Wings, Cal tries to console Layla in the basement...then chains get involved. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MFM🌶️ Chaining Werewolf🌶️ Domme Witch🌶️ Welcomed Incubus I could heal his body, but there were no spells in my book to heal a fucked-up childhood. I’d looked. All I could do was ask,… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — Wolf Punishment

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Thirsty Thursday — Mr. Bubbles

Mr. Bubbles wants to get this squeaky clean tub very dirty. mr-aprilDownload Mr Bubbles Review from Wings Garavel may not be a technical angel despite having white wings and a golden glow, but he’s sweeter than sugar and adores witches. It’s impossible to not fall for the cuddly teddy bear. Poor Layla can’t catch a… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday — Mr. Bubbles

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Thirsty Thursday — Mr. Accountant

Tax day won't sting as deeply thanks to Mr. Accountant. mr-accountantDownload Mr. Accountant Review from Wings Layla and the guys are back and fighting to save the world again. The heat between them is off the charts and there is never a chance for a dull moment. A demi- angel shows up to help them… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday — Mr. Accountant


Thirsty Thursday — Ink Vacation

Ink's ready for a beach vacation in the tiniest swimsuit he can find. ink-bikiniDownload Beach Ink Review from Wings Wow! I loved reading this book! I stayed up way too late for successive nights in a row, just because I couldn’t stop reading! (Darn day job!) Ms. Mint had me captured with the first book… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday — Ink Vacation