Five Star Reviews

Five Stars for Ellen Mint’s Books

“Emeric and Nadire’s story was fascinating and exciting. Their back and forth dialogue brought me many sighs and chuckles.
Awesome read.
Ellen Mint has hit it out of the ballpark”

Susan b — Son of Krampus

“Emeric (the son of Krampus), is alluring, sexy, and just so interesting as a character as he interacts with Nadire (the daughter of St. Nicholas). This story is new, different and not something you would usually read about in regards to christmas themed books!”

Oliva H — Son of Krampus

“I really enjoyed this story and read it as fast as I could.”

Dasha F — Son of Krampus

“I HAVE A FAVORITE HOLIDAY READ! Emeric’s HOTTT – both as a naughty hook-up guy and a buttoned-up lawyer. If you like Forbidden love, Enemies to lovers, Fierce heroines, Hot men with an accent, And lust so hot it combusts, you need this book!”

jccaldwellromance — Son of Krampus

“A delightful, funny, entertaining read with two charming main characters with real chemistry.”

Ann B — Son of Krampus

This story is full of Autumn splendor in a living forest. I love it. The imagery and allegory are beautifully crafted into the story. Even as I marvel at the artistry, I’m cackling at the obvious puns and clever quips.

This (story) is like taking a running leap into a pile of fallen leaves, then cozying up with your honeybun and some hot cups of tea–by turns, exhilarating and warm and comforting. Yet, there’s an important message of self-reflection and accepting change, all of which match the theme of Autumn season.

Coosh — PSL

A hot steaming hot read. It’s fast paced and action packed. You don’t want to see it end. I can’t wait to see how this series plays out.



Surprises just keep,coming, along with a deal with a demon and magical mayhem and danger. Full of magical creatures, suspense, and chaos, he must help her for both of their lives depend on it!

Annette A—Ink

Ellen kept me smiling and wanting to laugh out loud with Layla’s reactions to Ink’s revelations. Ellen’s ability to paint steamy scenes while keeping it clean is outstanding.

Angel M—Ink

I was holding my breath throughout the action packed second half of the book. I wasn’t expecting that at all.The first half was VERY steamy. Ink is a wild one.