Five Star Reviews

Five Stars for Ellen Mint’s Books

“What says it when you start reading like a storm cloud? Fast and with no pause to take in some much needed air for your poor lungs?…Thank you so much for this lovely road trip with the witch, the demon, the werewolf and the nymph. I highly enjoyed it.”

Andrea B — Fang

“What a great addition to the series the storyline is well written and developed and worth reading. The characters have loads of great chemistry throughout the storyline.”

Elvira G — Fang

“Wow, totally enjoyed reading this book it was written and has a well developed storyline that had me hooked from the start through to the end. The characters are engaging and entertaining.”

Elvira G — Claw

“Witches, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my!”

Dasha F — Claw

“Ink is a sex demon who is bound to Layla to help her with her newfound witch skills. Oh wow!! He is HOT!!”

Beverly W — Claw

“Well written story with twists, turns and lots of sex. You won’t put this one down easily. It has all the feels, fun, and excitement I expected.”

Bella D — Claw

“This is a cute romance with a twist. The author brings strong characters in Emma and Tarek and weaves an intriguing story line. She brings it to life with her descriptive writing and moves it quickly and smoothly with her vividly painted scenes.”

Brenda M—Love’s Curse

“Tarek is just so dreamy. The building romance between Emma and. Tarek had me turning pages faster than most other romance novels I’ve read recently. There’s action, romance, life or death situations + decisions, and of course a splash of Egyptian culture and history. I would recommend this book!”

Olivia H—Love’s Curse

“I really enjoyed reading this story. Add in some steamy scenes, some soul sucking mummy, and an Egyptian style Romeo and Juliet history and that is the story. I would say if that sounds right up your alley then this book is for you. Enjoy!”

Dasha F—Love’s Curse

“Emeric and Nadire’s story was fascinating and exciting. Their back and forth dialogue brought me many sighs and chuckles.
Awesome read.
Ellen Mint has hit it out of the ballpark”

Susan b — Son of Krampus