Five Star Reviews

Five Stars for Ellen Mint’s Books

“I’ve read another of Ellen Mint’s books and damn was that hot. So. Was. This. Jack is so sweet and Tan is just… Mm. No words come to me. Loved it.”

Leigh — Special Delivery

“The author does a wonderful job of putting a modern twist on a beloved classic. There is witty dialogue and plenty of humor along the way and you can’t help but fall in love with Beth and Tristan’s story. The characters were well developed and they really took the time to get to know each other. I am looking forward to the next installment of Mint’s “Happily Ever Austen” series.”

Asra S — Pride & Pancakes

“Timeless gets a makeover and breezes it’s way into your heart. Mint does Austen proud with a modern twist to an old classic. Pride & Pancakes crosses stereotypes with humor and heart that will stay with you, no matter how many times you read Beth & Tristan’s tango into love.”

Isha C. — Pride & Pancakes

“I absolutely adored these main characters and I loved how they took the time to get to know each other first before taking their relationship to the next level. Definitely a change from the usual rushed into relationships. I really enjoyed reading this book and I could not put it down. Fantastic read and highly recommended.”

Neisha — Pride & Pancakes

“I could not wait to see what each page would bring. The characters are believable and captivating. The tug and pull of emotions between the characters keep you trying to put pieces together to predict what is coming, but you aren’t always right. Highly recommended read!”

coolpooh16 — PSL

From zero to one hundred in a matter of pages. Definitely want more.

Cindy J — Reefcake

“For me this story was a kind of fairy tale for adults. What a nice story to read.”

IngridQuakernaat — Gettin’ Lucky

“This was a fun short. Well developed characters helped make the storyline entertaining.”

viro1114 — Gettin’ Lucky

“If you love a hea that takes work and patience, then this is the perfect book for you. I love that they both have issues that they help each other with. I am so happy that Ellen Mint wrote this amazing page turner. This book will keep your eyes glued to the pages.”

Penny L — Undercover Siren Review

I really appreciated the interracial coupling and a hero that wasn’t super Alpha in his approach to the heroine but alpha in his professional skill and abilities but shy, insecure and somewhat lacked confidence in seeing himself with the heroine.

Zanettee — Fever