Five Star Reviews

Five Stars for Ellen Mint’s Books

“This was a fun, interactive book that lets you choose what you want to do and where you want to go. You will hopefully get to meet three different men on your adventures!”

tabbyduck33—Monster Manor

“This is a wonderful story that grips us from the start. At first, I thought it would be the typical sweet romance, and although it was, it packed so much more! Nick and Emma are a wonderfully matched couple that complements one another perfectly. The characters are well described and their development is played out brilliantly, keeping the reader enthralled in this local coffee shop. While it is a sweet romance set in a small town, it also has several adult steamy scenes that make the pages sizzle, and a storyline that doesn’t fail to enrapture the reader.”

Mariel — Mistletoe Latte

“Super cute and funny! I loved it! This extra growly guy and a sweetheart of a girl.. they just work perfectly together! I laughed and smiled while reading, and couldn’t put it down.”

Marianne K — Mistletoe Latte

“Wow! I loved reading this book! I stayed up way too late for successive nights in a row, just because I couldn’t stop reading! (Darn day job!) Ms. Mint had me captured with the first book in this series, but they just keep getting better! If you like paranormal romance–if you enjoy reverse harems–if you love steamy scenes that melt your e-reader–you need to read this book! And then the rest of the series also!”

Fiona (Romance Junkies) — Wings

“Layla and the guys are back and fighting to save the world again. The heat between them is off the charts and there is never a chance for a dull moment. A demi- angel shows up to help them save the world and the action is nonstop. Such a great read! I can’t wait till the next book comes out.”

Diana G — Wings

“Ms. Mint’s Austen retellings are such fun to read. A lovely story about learning to love yourself and not seeking to hurt others when someone hurts you. Ms. Mint did a great job of keeping the essence of Austen, while also giving it a unique feel. I would definitely recommend this book and am happy to have the opportunity to read it!”

Asra S—Madeline’s Park

“I said I was going to read this slow, and I failed. It was impossible not to put it down. The best part is, of course, Ink’s PoV. This is among my favourite books in the series now.”

Milica — Badge

“A super hot novella. It started as a charming interlude between two strangers and became one of the hottest, erotic, sensuous novellas ever. Although the book isn’t a comedy, at times I was practically snorting with laughter.”

jfsi1011 — Gettin’ Lucky

Considering my weakness for red headed Scotsman and\or Irishman this book perfectly brought out so many steamy and got fantasies, I contemplated a cold shower.

Ms.Reader — Gettin’ Lucky

“The more time Jess spends with Conall the harder she begins to fall, but she also notices that a few things just don’t add up and there are strange things happening. Could Conall really be a leprechaun like her best friend keeps implying? I promise that you will enjoy reading the book to find out the answer just be ready for some hot, steamy scenes.”

dmcinnamon2000 — Gettin’ Lucky