Five Star Reviews

Five Stars for Ellen Mint’s Books

“This was a fun short. Well developed characters helped make the storyline entertaining.”

viro1114 — Gettin’ Lucky

“If you love a hea that takes work and patience, then this is the perfect book for you. I love that they both have issues that they help each other with. I am so happy that Ellen Mint wrote this amazing page turner. This book will keep your eyes glued to the pages.”

Penny L — Undercover Siren Review

I really appreciated the interracial coupling and a hero that wasn’t super Alpha in his approach to the heroine but alpha in his professional skill and abilities but shy, insecure and somewhat lacked confidence in seeing himself with the heroine.

Zanettee — Fever

Highly recommend if you like your romance to be heavy on plot and action.

Sue London — Fever

This is the first in book I’ve read by Ellen Mint and it will not be the last.
The attraction between the couple simmered along nice as they engaged in a chemistry that was steamy and hot, an entertaining tale, one that will satisfy the reader.

Gckyler02 — Fever

One thing I love about this book is that it’s not all sun shine and roses, they have to work for what they want and this makes for a realit and brilliant read.

Nancy — Undercover Siren

Loved it!

I loved this urban fantasy thriller! Spies, cops, and some really scary creatures (and organizations).

Sue London — Undercover Siren

“This story reads like an action movie, gripping you from the very first page as Kristen tries to get close to Colton. It takes you on this amazing emotional roller coaster ride where you can’t wait for the next thing to happen in the story!”

Merry Jelks — Undercover Siren Review

“The well written story line pulled me in right from the very first page, and the interaction and chemistry between Kristen and Colton kept me totally glued to my kindle until the turn of the very last page!”

Pat W — Undercover Siren Review