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Madeline’s Park

Madeline’s Park

Third book in the Happily Ever Austen Series.

All her life, Madeline Prix’s loved Everett Berry, but she’d be a fool to think he’ll ever see her. She’s just some big southern girl with frizzy red hair. No way would the sunshine and perfect Ev look twice at her. While in the middle of a kitten rescue, she’s shocked when Everett appears in New York city hundreds of miles from their hometown. Madeline thinks all her dreams are about to come true when Ev asks her on a date, but her self esteem crumbles as his ex enters the no-longer rosy picture.

Madeline must choose between the man she’s loved all her life who keeps breaking her heart and a man who’s maybe not as nice as he pretends. Good thing she has her adorable cats and best friend to help her out, because her heart may not be able to survive.

Inspired by Mansfield Park, Sweet Madeline is a book about the pain of settling versus the fear of being alone.

ARRIVES MAY 10th, 2022

Badge (Coven of Desire 4)

They’ve found her.

Layla’s life is a mess. Thanks to Ink’s big mouth, Cal knows that she knows about the big red wolf and he is pissed. She can’t find a way to bring Daniel back from death. Even worse, Ink seems to think that’s the perfect time to dissolve their bond. Naturally, the second she’s abandoned by her guys, the witch hunters strike.

After yet another argument between his bond and her wolf, Ink’s grown exhausted with their arrangement. He has every intention to break their bond and return to his old hunting ways until Layla goes missing at the hands of his greatest enemy. If they harm her, he’s on a one-way trip back to hell. Enraged, Ink enlists the help of both wolf and ghost to try and track her down. But the cursed hunters have learned. Anti-demon wards cover every surface of their underground lair. His only hope to save her is by wearing a cloak of mortality.

For the first time in his existence, Ink not only knows pain but the true threat of death.
When Layla arrives in the Witch Hunters’ bureau Detective Stone comes to her not with a torch but a job offer. If she doesn’t agree to work with them, then she’ll die. How will she escape from a trap-filled dungeon crammed with already captures monsters? Are her guys hunting for her, or is she truly alone? And why does Stone make her blood boil in all the wrong ways?

If she gets out of this alive, there will be hell to pay.

ARRIVES JUNE 21st, 2022


Summer Bites.

Vampire do not belong at sunny beaches at the height of summer, or so believes Jareth Hale. So he’s rather grouchy about being exiled to a tropical island with white sands, turquoise beaches, and necks slathered in sunscreen. It’s enough to drive a vampire batty.

He intends to defy Casimir and take back his castle, when Jareth spies a man more beautiful than any mortal possible. Laiken is sweet, blond, tan, kind, and probably a vampire hunter. Could his undeath be easy just once?

Laiken is hiding a secret, but will Jareth discover it because the sun or sunscreen gets him first?

Mistletoe Latte

After losing her dream job and apartment, Emma’s car breaks down in the small town of Lake Holly. She walks into the Brew 4 U coffee shop while waiting for the mechanic, and straight into the grumpy owner who tosses a customer out asking for a mistletoe latte.

Nick Iverson’s struggled with running his cafe and raising his fourteen-year-old niece single-handedly. When people begin asking for an old menu item that rips open old wounds, he’s about to lose it. Lucky for him, an angel is in his cafe that day.

This Grump/Sunshine novel will be part of the Wanted: Mistletoe Boxset this Christmas.