Upcoming Books

Thorns (Coven of Desire 7)

Layla’s trapped between a Stone and a hard place.

Witchcraft, nursing studies, and the gig economy are wearing Layla down. Luckily, she has her guys to help—a cuddle angel, a romantic ghost, an ornery incubus, and her sweet boyfriend werewolf. Unbeknownst to Layla, Cal’s planning on popping the question, assuming Ink doesn’t pawn the ring before he can ask her.

A knock at their door pulls Layla from her proposal dinner. A dying Stone, the witch hunter who’d once kidnapped her, falls into her arms.

Raul Stone is having a very bad day. After his mentor, savior, and boss shot him in the heart, he has to go crawling to the witch that escaped him. No matter how many healing potions, the hole in his chest won’t close. Dying on the werewolf’s pizza-stained couch, Stone can’t do anything to stop the incubus from threatening to kill him for good. His final Hail Mary is revealing that the witch hunters, and his boss, are working in cahoots with Mr. White.

Why are the witch hunters working with a horseman? What are they doing in the woods with giant boulders and blood? Can Stone be trusted or is this all an elaborate trap by Conquest to make good on his promise to catch Layla? Will Layla’s caring heart finally doom her or can she and her guys outsmart them all and save Stone in the process?

Coming AUGUST 1st 2023

Ember (Happily Ever Austen)

Ember tries to build love in others around her. A reality show changes everything.

Constructing Love is the first reality show to combine home improvement with romance. Ember Woodhouse can’t wait to cast her matchmaking magic while charming America as she designs the interior of an abandoned autumn resort. Harriet Smith is an adorable country bumpkin in desperate need to Ember’s help to win the entire show. Everything goes perfectly to plan until Ember finds herself partnered with the infuriating deadweight that is Mr. Knightley.

Booker Knightley is exhausted with the show, with the producers, with life, and particularly with his partner. He thought his construction background would make winning this easy. No one told him he was also expected to woo a woman driving him mad. Miss Woodhouse is flighty and stubborn, ignoring reality in favor of her delusions of romance. He couldn’t care less about love, much less the impossibility of finding it while cameras document his every breath. Booker has his own reasons for being on this show, reasons that are in jeopardy thanks to Miss Woodhouse and the scheming producers.

As the autumn leaves fall and the days grow shorter, Booker and Ember have a choice to make. If Booker doesn’t learn to work with her, he’ll lose his last opportunity to bring justice to his family. If Ember can’t figure out how to agree with him, her fledgling design business will crash before it took wing. One thing is certain, Miss Woodhouse will never, ever care for Mr. Knightley.

Coming OCTOBER 10th 2023

Veil (Coven of Desire)

Here comes the apocalypse.

The first Horseman threatens to destroy the world. Witch hunters are exterminating anyone that can stop Conquest. The hulking werewolf Eric is breathing down their necks. What can Layla do when the whole world’s about to end? Plan her wedding!

Surprise, surprise—the coven boys are starting fights about her marrying Cal. Daniel’s afraid he could be pushed out. Ink would never admit that he’s worried she’ll move beyond him. Garavel just wants to get away from the wet dog smell. As for the ex-witch hunter, Raul, he declares the whole idea ludicrous. Witches are vanishing across the world, and Conquest is to blame, but no one knows yet how to stop him. Everyone expects Layla to put her life aside to save the world. All she wants is one day to be happy.

Worst of all, her mother is back in her life and already trying to control her. She tells Layla that witches do not fall in love, much less marry. It could kill both the witch and her lovers. After everything in her life, Layla refuses to give up the men that saved her. Eric, the rabid werewolf brother, attacks Layla and Cal. Alone, with none of the other guys able to reach them, she confronts the worst heartbreak of her life—watching Cal die.

In this penultimate book, the Coven will be tested as they fight for their place in both the relationship and the world. Every force is trying to pull Layla away from her guys, but she’ll never need them more than ever to survive the horror of planning a wedding in three months. Will the bride make it down the aisle before the world ends?

Coming JANUARY 23rd 2024