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Wings (Coven of Desire 5)

Layla’s life is hell. She could really use an angel.

After a month and no sign of the witch hunters, Layla thought her life was in the clear. A gigantic werewolf has different plans. As if her life being threatened by a mad werewolf isn’t enough, the world seems to be ending. At least that’s what an impossible, deadly-to-gaze-upon angel living underground claims.

Layla is tasked to find whatever is ripping tears in the realms, causing creatures to appear and unravel everything in the world. Good thing she has an angel by her side. Garavel may not be a technical angel despite having white wings and a golden glow, but he’s sweeter than sugar and adores witches. It’s impossible to not fall for the cuddly teddy bear. Except, once Layla finds the culprit, Garavel must return to his master’s side and she’ll never see him again.

She’s going to need her sarcastic incubus, steadfast werewolf, and stately ghost at her side. If not, she doesn’t stand a chance in hell of surviving the ride.

Wings arrives October 4th

Mistletoe Latte

After losing her dream job and apartment, Emma’s car breaks down in the small town of Lake Holly. She walks into the Brew 4 U coffee shop while waiting for the mechanic, and straight into the grumpy owner who tosses a customer out asking for a mistletoe latte.

Nick Iverson’s struggled with running his cafe and raising his fourteen-year-old niece single-handedly. When people begin asking for an old menu item that rips open old wounds, he’s about to lose it. Lucky for him, an angel is in his cafe that day.

This Grump/Sunshine novel will be part of the Wanted: Mistletoe Boxset this Christmas.

Scales (Coven of Desire 6)

Even witches need a vacation.

Everything that could go wrong in Layla’s life has. There’s a murderous werewolf cult, Mr. White plotting to destroy the world, and worst of all—her mother. Her boys aren’t doing much better. The demon’s questioning his place in Layla’s life. The ghost is growing stronger and losing himself in the process. The werewolf is fighting against the newest addition no matter how hard he tries to make nice. They deserve a break to a private cabin on a lake.

Okay, so they’ll have to put in some labor to help bring the resort up to snuff for the summer season, but a free vacation is still an escape. There’s still nights laying under the stars on Cal’s chest, licking s’mores off Ink’s abs by a bonfire, being serenaded by Daniel on a boat ride, and snuggling beneath Garavel’s wings. Evil, however, doesn’t take a break.

All the past demons come home to roost as the coven face not only what they were running from but a lake monster who may not be so mythical after all. In this steamy and heart-racing entry to Coven of Desire, Layla fights to protect her men from the demons both outside and in.

Coming MARCH 14TH