Hot? Check. Romantic? Double check. Alive? Well…

Balancing school, work and two boyfriends is draining enough, but Layla is drowning in her witchcraft duties—literally. Monsters that she has to stop are flocking to her city and she thinks she knows why. But her impetuous incubus and winsome werewolf don’t believe her wild theory.

Spring break gives Layla time away from anatomy tests, but sends her to the public library in her quest to uncover the truth about the illusive Mr. White. She doesn’t know where to start until a mysterious stranger drops a book at her feet. Curious about the attractive man with a punk edge, Layla tries to chase after him, only for her hand to go straight through his shoulder.

Daniel Lu is not the drop-dead gorgeous librarian helping wayward students. He actually dropped dead five years before Layla was born. This wayward ghost forced to haunt the library needs her help to find his killer. Hunting down that man that shot Daniel thirty years ago leads Layla on a wild chase through the city and into the sights of a creature that could kill her with a snap of its claws.

She’s willing to risk it all to help the charming and well-read Daniel even while Ink laughs at her caring about a ghost. What kind of fool would fall for someone who’s little more than a whisper in the dark?


“HOT DAMN! Great reading–and not just the steamy scenes. But as for them? Yeah, WOW, just wow!” —Fiona M (TBR Pile) ✭✭✭✭✭

Series Order

Excerpt from Whisper

“Excuse me,” I called, trying to run without making a sound and shout in a whisper. It must not have worked as the man didn’t even turn. “Hello? You helped me before and…”

Okay, he had to hear me. I was so close I could make out the folded-over patch on his jacket was a tiger with a guitar in its massive paw. But the man kept drifting deeper into the stacks, not even glancing back.

“Look—” Reaching a hand out, I cupped his shoulder.

Or I tried to.

Cold stabbed up my arm like a bush of thorns and my fingers slipped right through the man’s flesh. A blast without sound burst from the stranger. It blanketed away the lights, casting the library into shadows only punctured by the sun peeking through barred-off windows. I ripped my hand out of the nothing of his chest.

Slowly, the floating figure turned, his eyes narrowing in on me holding my hand like I’d burned it. “What…?” I stuttered, the whole of my body shaking. “Oh, shit!”

Ducking into a half crouch, I scrabbled to escape. A lone, wailing voice scratched through the ether to my ears. “Wait…” he called, like I had any intention of standing around and letting whatever that thing was rip me to pieces.

That’s what happened with every damn creature—strange encounter, minor greeting attempt, then claw extension and liver consumption. Not today. I struggled to keep my balance, slapping my hands into rows of books. The covers smacked to the floor, providing debris to slow the monster down.

Or it would if the thing wasn’t non-corporeal.

Instead, it was my shoes that caught on the slippery books. I clung to the shelves, pulling my body along like I was pretend skating with my mom. Except this time an evil creature was actually chasing after me.

“Stop!” the monster called, quick on my heels.

Confuse it. I twisted down a row of books. A hint of sunlight shined down from the windows. Maybe the light would scare it away. Twisting around, I met the creature eye to eye.

Fuck, those are killer cheekbones. He was a beautiful man in profile, but straight on my heart skipped a beat tracing down the wide plummet of a bone structure as delicate as a stiletto dagger. The hot creature stopped, maybe realizing I was in the protection of the sun.

Slowly, I moved to ease my purse off my shoulder and reach for my spell book when the creature took a step forward. Shit! I dashed back, my gaze never wavering off of him. The mass of books in my bag smashed together, pinching my hand. Where was the damn spell book?


Metal ridges smacked into my back and I realized I had walked right into the radiator. The awkward angle bit into my knees, causing them to buckle. I strained to keep my toes on the ground even as my ass tumbled to the hot metal.

Book, if you have some psychic link with me, I need you to find a passage to banish bodiless…okay. No. He has a body. A lithe, tortured punk kind of body. Stop staring at his body.

“Can you see me?” he asked. The voice of fingernails scratching from inside a coffin shifted. His gravel mellowed to a softer timbre until smooth as glass.

“Damn right I can!” I shouted and raised my spell book at him. It’d sent scroungers screaming, smashed in the heads of werewolves. No chance whatever this creature was could stand against it. “Now…begone!”

He darted his dark eyes to my tome of witchcraft, the red leather warmer than the radiator under my ass. Reaching out with his hand, he moved his arm through the sunbeams. I stared harder and watched a sheen of blue barely glimmer below the surface of his olive skin. Folding his fingers back until only a single digit remained, he tapped the tip against my book.

A surge of energy radiated across my splayed palms and up through the monster’s arm. As it circled his body, the jacket darkened and a red stain splattered right above his heart.
With wide eyes, he gasped, “What are you?”